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Video: Jerry Rice connects with J.J. Stokes vs. Falcons in 1995

A look back at a great touchdown pass from Jerry Rice to J.J. Stokes.

It's a quiet Thursday, and I came across another interesting link at Reddit. Earlier today I posted some pictures of a 49ers player information sheet. Now, we've got some fun video of Jerry Rice running a reverse and then throwing a touchdown pass to J.J. Stokes.

The pass came against the Atlanta Falcons, with Rice completing a 41-yard pass to J.J. Stokes. The 49ers had just drafted Stokes the previous April, and put together a decent, albeit far from spectacular rookie season. He caught 38 passes for 517 yards and four touchdowns. Rice led the team with 122 receptions for 1,848 yards and 15 touchdowns. Derek Loville was second with 87 receptions for 662 yards. Brent Jones was next with 60 receptions for 595 yards, followed by William Floyd with 47 receptions for 348 yards, and then Stokes.

For his career, Jerry Rice completed three passes on ten attempts for 71 yards, one touchdown and one interception.

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