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Colin Kaepernick explains why rest is not necessary

49ers QB Colin Kaepernick made an appearance on KNBR Friday morning, and discussed a variety of topics. A comment he made to Mike Iupati stands out.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The folks at KNBR have plenty of Giants coverage to keep them busy during the NFL's summer offseason, but they do still find ways to work the 49ers into the coverage. Earlier today, the Murph & Mac Show featured ten minutes with 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick. You can head over to KNBR to listen to the audio.

Kap hits on a lot of familiar topics, discussing his work with Camp Taylor, his upcoming appearance in the ESPN the Magazine Body issue and his appearance with Michelle Obama as part of her "Let's Move!" campaign.

The most interesting comment was about his workout routine. He discussed the whole issue of bulking up too much, which we've heard before. However, he mentioned something from a discussion with Mike Iupati. During their discussion, Iupati suggested Kap take a break and rest before training camp. Kap's response? "If your body never knows rest, then it never craves it."

Given how hard Kap works, the sky really does seem like the limit for him. No player is perfect, and regression is possible, but given Kap's combination of physical tools, intelligence and work ethic, it seems like regression is not high on the radar. There are no 100% guarantees, given what we've seen across NFL history. That being said, this combination of attributes makes it easier to feel a little more comfortable heading into 2013 and beyond.

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