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Marcus Lattimore provides rehab update

49ers running back Marcus Lattimore provided an update on his rehab status, including what it means for training camp.


San Francisco 49ers running back Marcus Lattimore made an appearance on NFL Network this evening, and he was able to provide an update on his rehab progress. I did not get a chance to watch the show, but @InsideNFLMedia tweeted out some of his comments:

This is pretty much what we could have expected. It is just about a lock that Lattimore will start training camp on the Non-Football Injury list. That is similar in nature to the PUP list, only it is for players injured away from the team. Even though Lattimore suffered his knee injury during a football game, a draft pick's college injury does not count as a "football injury". In case you missed it earlier this month, socalisteph put together a rundown of the various injury designations.

If he goes on the NFI list, he'll have to wait that first six weeks before practicing. After that, the team can consider their options with him. Depending on how the rest of the roster is performing, my guess is he ends up spending the entire season on the injured list. That being said, the 49ers placed Jewel Hampton on the NFI list, but then moved him to the 53-man roster late in the season. You never know how it will play out.

Fooch's Note: They also just posted video from the interview. The interview opens with some stuff on Aaron Hernandez before moving into more specific 49ers stuff. He talked about his knee, and talked briefly about learning from Frank Gore.

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