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What's your favorite piece of 49ers memorabilia?

49ers fans own all sorts of interesting memorabilia celebrating the team. Here is a gallery of some of our favorites.

Ever so often I get a random tweet with something 49ers-related that will catch my eye. One such tweet resulted in our 49ers tattoos post last month. People have things related to the 49ers and they often want to share them. Which brings us to this gallery.

On Friday, somebody tweeted me a picture of their 49ers fish tank. I retweeted it and asked if anybody else had random 49ers memorabilia. The responses were impressive, and I thought I would put together a gallery of the pictures tweeted to me.

This crosses the spectrum of memorabilia. Some are fairly basic like a jersey, autograph or picture. Others get out there like 49ers nail clippers or a funky looking chair.

I think my favorite pictures are the first two. The first is an autograph our very own socalisteph scored from Dwight Clark that includes a diagram of sprint right option, which was the play that resulted in The Catch. The second is a panoramic view of a room loaded with 49ers stuff. They're two of many solid pieces of memorabilia. If you've got some pictures, drop them in the comments.