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Jim Harbaugh appears on Judge Judy taping

Jim Harbaugh took in an episode of Judge Judy. What else needs to be said?

@sfist, @BrockKeeling

I'm struggling for words on this one! The folks at have the story to end all stories: Jim Harbaugh and his father Jack Harbaugh took in a taping of Judge Judy. The article has a pair of pictures including one of the Harbaugh's in the crowd, and another meeting Judge Judy.

For those who don't remember, back in February, Coach Harbaugh discussed his views on lying. He was asked about Manti Te'o, and Coach Harbaugh said that if a player lied during a Combine interview, their credibility was done with him. He mentioned then that he was a big fan of Judge Judy and that when you lie to her, it's over for you in the court room.

It was only a matter of time before he made an appearance on Judge Judy's show. Harbaugh talks frequently about people he admires, and more often than not he seems to end up meeting them. He has brought in former athletes, military folks and others to the 49ers training camp. I'm surprised he didn't bring Judge Judy to OTAs!

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