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Golden Nuggets: What to expect from Eric Reid

Sunday, June 30, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Any chance to get a photo up of the world's cutest kid.
Any chance to get a photo up of the world's cutest kid.

Only four links to be had today. I'll get straight into them.

Ruthless Sports Guy has taken a look at safeties drafted in the first round to get a glimpse of what we might expect to see from Eric Reid. The position is not one of the most coveted out there, so guys taken in round one have often had the chance to play right away. Here's to hoping that the trend of first-round safety success continues. | Expect to see a lot of Eric Reid in 2013 (BASG)

There have been a lot of questions about what to expect from Marcus Lattimore this season. Would he play? I'm guessing this means no. Not even beginning to practice until mid-season should indicate that, injuries withstanding, he should not see the playing field until 2014. | Marcus Lattimore expects to practice by mid-season (PFT)

Here's a link that was shared with me during Friday's #Channel49 Twitter Q&A session. It breaks down Aldon Smith's sacks from last season. There's a lot of good information to be taken from it. It's an old link, but I hadn't seen it yet. Enjoy. | Aldon Smith: Stunts, size and sacks by proxy (Pre-snap Reads)

49ers' Iupati set to train Modesto high school athletes (Press Democrat)

Thanks guys.

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