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Jim Harbaugh video, GIF from his time at the A's game

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh took in an Oakland A's game Friday evening. We've got some videos and a GIF from the game.

Everything about this is just about perfect. Of course, I say that in part because I am an Oakland A's fan. As we mentioned yesterday, 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh took in Friday's A's-Cardinals game. And now, we've got some video and GIFs to entertain you to no end.

Above you can watch Jim Harbaugh's brief in-game interview. As expected, he spoke about his love for all Bay Area sports teams. We then got to see the glove he brought with him. Turns out, he borrowed a glove that belongs to one of Kyle Williams' brothers. Kyle and his brothers are sons of White Sox VP Kenny Williams.

Here is a quick GIF showing the always intense Coach Harbaugh, getting ready for one of those foul balls.

Harbaugh_v166xfb3_medium also provided some video from when the A's broadcast noticed Coach Harbaugh in the stands. Glen Kuiper and Ray Fosse briefly discussed him below.

It certainly would be nice if provided more embeddable video like this. I'm not going to hold my breath one that though.