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NFL, Verizon reach deal that reportedly will eventually include streaming all games on mobile devices

The NFL and Verizon are figuring out new ways to stream NFL content.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this morning, the NFL announced they had extended their contract with Verizon, and the new deal includes the potential for some intriguing features. According to the NFL's press release, 2013 will feature mobile streaming of Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football. However, starting in 2014, Verizon's NFL Mobile app will feature live streaming of CBS and Fox Sunday afternoon games within their home markets, as well as all postseason playoff games, including the Super Bowl.

That is a big step toward more access online, and our sister site, The Verge, is reporting even bigger potential. According to Nathan Ingraham, the deal is expected to include plans to eventually live stream all NFL games. Given the specific 2014 mention above, I would think the plan would be for live-streaming in 2015 or beyond. There were no mentions of this full-scale live streaming, but that's my guess for now.

The NFL Mobile app is free, but to get access to the streaming, it costs $5 per month. That streaming includes the games above, as well as RedZone channel and NFL Network. Speaking of the RedZone channel, if you are a season-ticket holder, it sounds like you will get free viewing. I don't know if that covers the entire premium option, or if it will just be the RedZone channel, but either way, that's pretty sweet.

If you have an iPad, you will only be able to stream on that device if you have Verizon FiOS or Cablevision cable service.

Now, the NFL just needs to come up with opportunities to stream games on our computers if we don't have the Sunday Ticket package already.