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Golden Nuggets: Colt McCoy winning No. 2 QB

Thursday, June 6, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Colt McCoy can run from his past, but he can't run from success.
Colt McCoy can run from his past, but he can't run from success.
Dustin Bradford

There were lots of good signs coming out of OTAs yesterday. Quinton Patton reportedly looked good, which would be helpful considering the confusing state of our wide receiver depth chart. It also looks like Colt McCoy is taking a hold of the No. 2 quarterback position. It was also an area of depth chart confusion. Coach Harbaugh has even gone so far as to discuss him as the No. 2, which flies in the face of the curtain of silence around all decisions and personnel. In the #Channel49 chat session, our staff writer Steph had asked what we can actually learn from OTAs. The cynic in me said not much, but this would seem to prove otherwise.

Also, I wanted to apologize for yesterday's Nuggets, both their brevity and tardiness. So, sorry. That shouldn't happen again. They will however be late from time to time, as I have an hour at best on most days. Any given delay getting home from work could push them back a bit. That's not much of an issue during the middle of the offseason but might become more problematic once the season is underway. Once you crazy northerners change your time back, I'll have a bit more leeway. Until then, I'll do my best.

To the links. I've decided to put the word transcript in front of Cohn links that are strictly transcripts, because I feel they are useful and it lets those of you who avoid him like the plague know that it's not an opinion piece.

Colt McCoy News

Kevin Lynch discusses the relatively relaxed nature with which Harbs referred to McCoy as the No. 2 and how rare that is. He gives us other notes, noting that Garrett Celek had a good day. | Colt McCoy looks like he's the No. 2 quarterback (SF Gate)

Matt Maiocco also noted the emergence of McCoy as the No. 2. There's plenty here about what he brings to the table as well as an embedded video about McCoy's thoughts on Eric Mangini...hmmm, interesting. | McCoy strengthens hold on No. 2 QB job (Maiocco)

TRANSCRIPT - Colt McCoy: "Always know where Vernon is, because he's definitely a playmaker." (Cohn)


Matt Barrows gives us his take on practice. Jewell Hampton received the lions share of carries. He also says that Quinton Patton looked good, but the dropsies were to be found all around the receiving corps. He says Dan Skuta has been playing almost exclusively at outside linebacker. I don't know how much you can read into that...let's see, a lot. Firstly, Nick Moody is making the team, secondly Aldon Smith is being demoted, thirdly ARGHHH!!!!! | OTA sessions: Hampton becomes bell cow, Patton is prolific (Barrows)

Tarell Brown will join the team for the mandatory minicamp next week. It will be his first participation in offseason sessions. There is an underlying hint of a holdout in this article. Brown is in the last year of his contract, scheduled to make $2.95 million this year and would love a long-term deal. He was widely considered the most consistent cornerback on the team last year. | Brown will break from Texas training to attend minicamp (Inman)

Reid rotates with first-team defense (

Other News

If you haven't heard, Coach Harbaugh was on Judge Judy the other day. BASG looks at Harbs' eclectic TV career as well as the interview regarding Judge Judy. | Coach Harbaugh talks about meeting Judge Judy, has interesting taste in TV (BASG)

TRANSCRIPT - Eric Reid: "Every day we're installing new plays, so sometimes it's hard to remember." (Cohn)

Greg Roman shares offensive outlook (

Eric Mangini bolsters 49ers staff (

TRANSCRIPT - Mangini: "Being at ESPN and getting a broader view of what's happening in the league, maybe that can have value." (Cohn)

Matt Maiocco's 49ers chat transcript (Maiocco)

49ers chat excerpts (Barrows)

VIDEOS - 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh talks about his appearance on Judge Judy (Mercury News)

Being a Sheep

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