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Michael Crabtree injury: 49ers potential timetable for placing him on injured reserve with return designation

We take a look at the recently released NFL calendar for the next year, and how it impacts Michael Crabtree in 2013.

Everybody was kung fu fighting!
Everybody was kung fu fighting!

Earlier this week, the NFL released a fairly comprehensive schedule for the 2013 season and the early part of the 2014 offseason. There are still dates to be added, but this gives us a solid rundown of important league dates. I'll drop in the 49ers 2013 schedule as well, but for now, you get the general idea of things.

One pertinent date is Tuesday September 3. Starting at 1:00 p.m. pacific time that day, the 49ers will be allowed to place Michael Crabtree on injured reserve with a return designation. A player with such a designation has to be on IR for at least six weeks, and can return to the active roster at least eight weeks after being placed on IR. Given that Crabtree is looking at a late November return at best, that kind of timeline won't be a problem.

I'm curious what exactly the 49ers have planned, if anything, with regards to Crabtree in 2013. Obviously they want him back and contributing, but what does the coach staff plan for him? We know they'll plan every contingency without him, but do they plan as if he won't be around, and any contribution is house money? I would assume that is the case, but what do I know?

Speaking of the NFL schedule, I have added the schedule page to the site "Library". If you're not aware of that, on the front page of the site, at the top you'll see "Library". If you scroll over it, you'll see various pages I've added to it. It includes the calendar and several pages of the salary cap stuff Jason Hurley has done for us. Here is a screenshot of the front page so you know what to look for: