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49ers salary cap: Raymond Ventrone, Kassim Osgood contracts settle current cap figure

The 49ers added more depth to their special teams this past week, and we've finally got some salary cap numbers for those players.


Earlier this week, the San Francisco 49ers signed safety Raymond Ventrone and wide receiver Kassim Osgood, both of whom will look to make an impact on special teams. The deals were announced early in the week, but it took some time to figure out more of the details. Here is a quick rundown of the salaries for the two players. I have access to the base salary figures, but the rest of the info comes with help from Matt Maiocco and Over the Cap.

2013 cap figure
: 880,000
2013 base: 715,000
2013 roster bonus: 165,000

2014 cap figure: 855,000
2014 base: 855,000

2013 cap figure: 555,000
2013 base salary: 940,000

I'm not quite sure how a player can sign a one-year contract veteran minimum contract with a base salary of $940,000 but only have a cap impact of $555,000. Hopefully Jason has some time to weigh in on this because I'm a little confused. Fooch's Note: According to @yougomango, there's a veteran salary cap exception for veteran one year contracts. If a player with 4+ seasons signs a one-year deal, his cap number will count for half the number of years. Interesting. I was not aware of that.

These two moves leave the 49ers with $2,211,267 in cap space. That should be enough to get Eric Reid and Corey Lemonier signed in the coming weeks. There is no word on the status of either negotiation. I'm not quite sure what the hold-up would be for Lemonier.

Compensation picks

Maiocco also pointed out that the 49ers are looking ast one potential compensation pick. The 49ers signed four qualifying free agents this year, and lost five to free agency. The four qualifying free agents include Glenn Dorsey, Dan Skuta, Craig Dahl and Phil Dawson. The five departures include Dashon Goldson, Delanie Walker, Isaac Sopoaga, Ricky Jean Francois and Ted Ginn. While one or both of Skuta and Dahl could stick around this season, neither would seem to be a roster lock. That could open the door for another comp pick.

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