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Michael Crabtree tweets out injury rehab progress

We've got a tweet from Michael Crabtree updating his injury rehab.


While we continue to wait for the start of training camp, last night, 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree provided a brief Twitter update on his rehab progress.

That tweet was sent out last night, eleven days after he tweeted that he would be walking again in four weeks. My guess is that he is going to be doing more upper body work at this point, but it's not entirely clear. Either way, it is one more step in his progress back from his torn Achilles tendon.

The 49ers return to practice later this month when training camp gets underway, and head coach Jim Harbaugh will get plenty of opportunities to meet with the media. I would imagine he will get several questions in his first press conference related to Michael Crabtree's progress. And I'm pretty sure we can predict the answers as some form of "He's making progress", "remains on track" or really anything along those lines.