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Jaguars considering continuous coverage of NFL Red Zone channel

We take a look at the Jaguars potential plans to include continuous RedZone coverage throughout their home games.


The Jacksonville Jaguars are in the midst of developing plans to renovate their stadium, and those plans could potentially include showing NFL Network's RedZone channel throughout the game. The Jaguars are installing a 16,626 square foot video board, and including non-stop RedZone coverage would be a first in the NFL. Stadiums currently show highlights at different times, but none shows a constant stream of the increasingly popular RedZone channel.

Earlier today, I wrote about how the 49ers were going to have a Daktronics scoreboard, but that it would not be quite the size of some of the monstrosities out there. I would not be surprised if the 49ers elected to have RedZone available on the Levi's Stadium LED displays, but for a team that will play all their games at either 1:05/1:25 or in primetime, how much value does RedZone bring? Obviously there will be some games during those afternoon matchups, but the morning session is where RedZone gets most of its value.

This is one reason why the software-first approach can bring more value. The team will have the necessary infrastructure in place as well, but the 49ers will look to additional options to improve the fan experience. The stronger wifi and 3G/4G coverage will be a big step in that direction. Given that the 49ers are building their network from the ground up, they can plan for stronger coverage. For teams that have had to add wifi and general cell coverage after the fact in their stadiums, it is a much more arduous process. This is one way the 49ers new stadium will have a sizable advantage in the fan experience.