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Colin Kaepernick nudity could get him some clowning in the locker room

Donte Whitner had a few words about Colin Kaepernick and Vernon Davis deciding to post nude for ESPN the Magazine's Body Issue.

Streeter Lecka

The 2013 offseason has seen 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick embracing the spotlight as he has quickly become one of the "It guys" in the NFL. As we remain excited about his upcoming season, Kap's meteoric rise has led to plenty of consternation among some fans. HatGate appears to finally be moving past us, and that might have been helped a little bit by the recent ESPN the Magazine Body Issue featuring Kap and Vernon Davis.

Speaking of the Body Issue, Donte Whitner made it pretty clear that Kap can expect to hear about his decision to pose nude for ESPN the Magazine. In a recent radio interview, Whitner said he would never do that kind of posing, and had a word of warning for the 49ers quarterback:

"He's the man right now, and that's what he chose to do. But he's going to receive some flak in the locker room."

Locker room joking has been going on for years, and Kap is putting himself in a position to deal with that plenty when training camp opens. Veterans will give him grief about the nudity, and I'd imagine he'll also get some crap about the Dolphins hat.

Vernon Davis may get some grief about the nudity as well, but given how Kap's stock has risen over the last year, he is an easy target for teammates. Plenty of fans have gotten in a tizzy over all this stuff, but it sounds like the team will be in a position to mostly laugh it off and move on to the business of football.

That being said, we'll have to keep an eye out for any pranks he has to deal with in the coming weeks.

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