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TMZ enjoys giving Aaron Rodgers grief about the 49ers-Packers jersey bet

TMZ continues to harass Aaron Rodgers for not wearing the 49ers jersey after losing his bet with a member of Boyz II Men.

While I am not exactly a fan of the tabloid type of work TMZ sometimes is involved in, once in a while they will hit a home run with some funny work. This is one of those times.

The video above was tweeted to me by LupeBTX, and features Rodgers getting asked a question about the Colin Kaepernick hat situation. Rodgers ignores them heading into some place in LA, but then responds when he exits, making a comment about the guy needing to get a real job. The TMZ voice-over guy feigns confusion, and then we get the reason.

The video runs down several headlines from last year in which they sort of harassed Rodgers about his refusal to wear a 49ers jersey after the Packers lost the team's season opener. Rodgers reportedly made a wager with one of the members of Boyz II Men (who sang the National Anthem for the game) to wear a 49ers jersey if the Packers lost. The Packers lost, and Rodgers has not worn the jersey since.

I had actually forgotten about the story, but this video brought a smile to my face! I'm guessing Rodgers will not be making a similar wager heading into Week 1 this season.