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Lawrence Okoye visits old school prior to start of training camp

With training camp just around the corner, 49ers rookie Lawrence Okoye visited his old school in South London. We've got some video from the visit.

The 49ers rookies will be reporting to training camp this Friday, and one player that will be part of that group is former British Olympian Lawrence Okoye. The newly minted NFL defensive lineman continues his quest to develop into an NFL-caliber defensive lineman.

While Okoye is getting ready to head to continue his journey as an NFL player, he spent some time back in England at one of his old schools. Okoye visited Whitgift School, which he attended at one point. The school educates children ages 10-18, but I'm not quite sure how much time he spent at Whitgift.

Whatever the case, he was back with J.B. Gill from an English band called JLS. They were visiting the school, and the video above comes courtesy of the Daily Mail, along with this article. It was included in yesterday's Golden Nuggets, but I wanted to pull it out separately so people could enjoy the video.

We get a chance to see him playing some rugby with the kids. It is obviously touch rugby given that he would send those kids into orbit if he hit them! We hear some comments from him about living in the US now as he prepares for football season. The article itself covers much of what we've discussed before, but the video is fun.

Okoye faces as tough a task as anybody on the 49ers roster heading into training camp. He already described the process as the hardest thing he's ever done. Training camp will be that much more difficult. Once things get physical, we'll really see where Okoye is at in his development. Jim Tomsula has told him to just focus on learning, so we'll see how far that focus has brought Okoye.