Greatest 49ers' Plays, From the 90s to Now

I wanted to put together a list of some of the greatest plays that I have ever seen made by the 49ers. There have been some horrible years in the last two decades, but there have also been many great ones.

Here is what I came up with, in no particular order. Hope you can add some that I missed! There are too many to put in one post.

Garrison Hearst 96-yard TD run vs. Jets (

Justin Smith single-handedly kills a Saints' drive (

The Vernon Post (

Justin Smith saves the game vs. the Eagles (

Colin Kaepernick vs. the Packers (

Alex Smith's "NO! NO! YES!" play (

TO and The Catch II (

Pat Summerall calls a TD vs. the Cowboys before it happens (

Jerry Rice starts the game with a TD (

Rice to Stokes for the TD (

Steve Young's 6 TD passes against the Chargers (

Jerry Rice breaks the NFL TD record on MNF (

Jeff Garcia and TO lead the 49ers to a Wild Wild-Card Victory ( and (

Steve Young's legendary run (

Steve Young to John Taylor (

Young to Rice vs. the Falcons (

Ken Norton Jr. has two TDs and destroys the goalposts in a slaughter of the Rams

Merton Hanks' "chicken dance"(

Remember Mike Sherrar?(

Aldon Smith destroys Adam Goldberg (

Ricky Williams-Meet Patrick Willis (

I know this wasn't the 90's, but I had to include it:

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