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NaVorro Bowman talks 49ers with NFL Network

NaVorro Bowman appeared on NFL Network's Total Access program, and we've got a transcript along with some video.

Christian Petersen

49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman was on NFL Network's Total Access show Tuesday, and he had a chance to discuss a variety of topics with the host, and fellow guest, Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith. NFL Network sent over a transcript, and you can also check out some video of Bowman and Smith.

There isn't anything particularly huge in his comments, although you can sense how fired up the team is following last year's Super Bowl loss. They recognize that they need to get over the hump, and they've got the pieces in place to do it. Of course, now it's just a matter of actually doing it.

His closing comments about Marshawn Lynch are interesting as well. We talk all about Russell Wilson, but much like the 49ers, the Seahawks offense has a foundation of a powerful rushing attack. The Seahawks are following the 49ers lead in building up the depth behind their starting back, drafting Robert Turbin and Christine Michael the last two seasons. The 49ers are a year ahead on that, having drafted Kendall Hunter in 2011 and LaMichael James in 2012. The more these two teams change, the more they remain the same in certain respects.

On the upcoming season:

"I am in training camp mode. It is time to go. Every time you get in the weight room, you think ‘Am I ready? Am I conditioned enough?' You know the coaches are going to be looking at you, making sure you have been working hard."

On the lessons the 49ers have learned losing both the NFC Championship and Super Bowl in consecutive years:

"Really just the experience. Every guy in our locker room speaks about taking advantage of the opportunity and that is exactly what the Super Bowl has been and the first two rounds prior to that. You have to take advantage of that. We put in so much work, both teams are good, but we have to find a way to separate ourselves and really get over the hump and get us a ring. Coming in, you always hear the veterans say ‘this team is never going to be the same.' Well, ever since 2011 we still have some guys on this team that has experienced those bad feelings with those losses in the playoffs and losing that Super Bowl. This is the year to ask for everything we have, to give everything we have and see where we end up."

On quarterback Colin Kaepernick being photographed with a Dolphins hat:

"This is a huge mistake by Kaepernick. I am sure he understand this now. But in his defense, we are young. In our era now, we like to match our snapbacks with our outfits. The hats are now very important to the outfit. Kaepernick, I understand what you did, but let's stay away from the NFL teams."

On preparing for Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson and the Seahawks team:

"Leave the phones and everything in your locker. When you come to work, it is all business. Focus on your job, your technique, your assignment and give it all you have on Sunday."

On if it helps practicing against quarterback Colin Kaepernick when preparing for Russell Wilson:

"Definitely, you know Kaepernick is going to do his thing. He is going to use his feet. The thing you don't know about Kaepernick is that he wants to be that pocket passer, he wants to read that defense and get the ball to the right guy."

On if they want to take away quarterback Russell Wilson or running back Marshawn Lynch first when preparing for the Seahawks:

"We want to make them one-dimensional. Marshawn Lynch has been carrying that team for a long time. We have to stop the Beast before we worry about anything else."