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Golden Nuggets: Who's our No. 3 at QB?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Coach teaches Tolzien about the victory formation.
Coach teaches Tolzien about the victory formation.

I can almost smell it. The first sign is real news. Real news starts popping up here or there, like flowers in springtime. Then, next thing you know, camp is underway. Some meaningless games start getting played and some players start getting cut and before long, the season is upon us.

Who's going to be our No. 3 quarterback this year? Scott Tolzien has held the job down, but we know our staff loves versatility. Enter B.J. Daniels, a versatile rookie QB from South Florida. If we can assume that the No. 3 will never see the field in a QB capacity, does it not make some sense to keep the more versatile player? It's going to be an interesting camp battle, even if the impact may be minimal. And if we do decide to keep Daniels, does Tolzien have any trade value? | Battle stations! Scott Tolzien must fight -- again -- to keep his job (Barrows)

Matt Maiocco looks at the 49ers quarterback position. We know who the first two are on the depth chart, no real surprises there. There's also some video embedded about Colin Kaepernick's wild offseason. Matt says, "Don't worry." | 49ers position-by-position breakdown: Quarterbacks (Maiocco)

What's worse than wearing another team's hat. Doing your arch rival's patented celebration, that's what. I do have to say, of all the Seahawks, Russell Wilson is the only one I like. Seems like a nice, humble person. It's too bad for him he's surrounded by USDA Grade A bootyholes. | Photo surfaces of Russell Wilson Kaepernicking (BASG)

How do people feel about Jaworski's quarterback rankings? I know a lot of people wanted to see Kaepernick go higher. It's playing out about how I thought it would. | As Jaworski's 2013 QB rankings continue (Sando)

Here's my top 11 from last week's #Channel49 mailbag (Woods & Malone)

Everyone's been waiting for a teammate to come out and say something about Colin Kaepernick's choice of hats. I don't really care, myself, but it was bound to happen. | NaVorro Bowman comments on Kap's Dolphins hat (CSN)

49ers opponent breakdown 2013: Houston Texans (Week 5) (Gin)

A word about franchise value rankings (Sando)

Niners Have an Insurance Policy at Wide Receiver (NBC)

Matt Maiocco's 49ers chat transcript (7.16) (Maiocco)

49ers Camp Preview: Linebackers (

Marisa Miller is a San Francisco 49ers fan ... for real (

Forced to choose between top young QBs (Sando)

I'm going to relate a little personal story, which I don't do too often. Skip it if you don't have time or patience.

Man, I love my wife. Not only is she 5 months pregnant with our baby but she nailed it today.

I skipped work to go to small claims court. My wife and I, plus our old roommate, were having our deposit withheld from our last home by the landlord and he was seeking an additional couple of thousand dollars. All of it was frivolous, or so we felt. You never know how these things will go, though. We agreed that we needed to leave a few hundred bucks from the deposit for some landscaping. After months of buildup we went into court today.

She absolutely nailed it. She pOwned the owner in the biggest way. The judge agreed with us, gave him a few hundred bucks from the deposit and sent him on his way. The judge continually admonished him (or WWF verbal smackdowned him, as I'll remember it) throughout the entire proceeding, making it well worth my hundred dollars to witness, but the day truly belonged to Lucy, my wife.

If you haven't seen The Castle, it is the quintessential Aussie movie. There's a massive court scene in it. You should check it out.

Lucy is The Vibe.

At least one of you will get that reference.

Being a Sheep

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