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What kind of music should the 49ers play throughout the game?

The 49ers are looking for ideas for what music would work at different points in a game. What are your thoughts?


The San Francisco 49ers recently hired Robert Alberino away from the Kansas City Chiefs to serve as Executive Producer of "49ers Studios". His staff includes Scott Kegley (Digital Media Manager), Taylor Price (Digital Media Coordinator), Wil Blackwell (Senior Producer), Michael Blevins (Producer) and Eric Stark (Digital Media Strategist). If you are active on Twitter, you might have seen all sorts of content from Kegley and Price.

I bring this up now because Alberino posted this tweet earlier today:

Alberino is involved with a variety of aspects of the presentation of the team, and it sounds like he is trying to crowd-source some ideas for music to use during the game. He clarified that he meant for throughout the game, so it really can include anything that would show up during the game. There is music when the team is introduced, during timeouts, at key situations and in numerous other situations.

Since we've got a lot of die-hard fans here, I figured we could crowd-source it a bit in here. I know a lot of you won't be at games, but plenty of you have attended sporting events in some form or fashion. I'd imagine you either liked, loved, hated or were indifferent to the music you heard. Given that, I'd love to hear your suggestions. What would fire up the crowd? If you were in charge, what music would you use in what particular situations?

I'm not the most musically inclined, but I do know the decision to use California Love when the 49ers came on the field at the Super Bowl was just about perfect. Any other ideas?