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49ers 2013 season promo video

We've got a solid promo video the upcoming 49ers season.

Someone at Reddit posted a link to the above video, which will definitely get you fired up for football. It starts with last year's Super Bowl, runs through the 49ers five Super Bowl victories, and then rolls through all sorts of highlights over the last two seasons.

The most powerful part of the video is at the end the Super Bowl loss, where we see Patrick Willis crying, or at the very least, fighting back tears on the sideline. We've previously used a picture of Patrick Willis walking off the field after the Super Bowl, and he looks especially pissed off (head to the front page to see the picture attached to this article). This video provides the emotions prior to that as he clearly went through a lot of emotion after that game. It's not at all surprising, but it is powerful nonetheless.

The video is a little over 10 minutes long, but it's worth a watch when you get a minute.

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