Candlestick Park memories


This coming season marks the end of Candlestick Park. The 49ers will move into Levi's Stadium in 2014, and Candlestick Park will be bulldozed shortly after the 2013 season. Although the Stick is kind of a dump, it is "our dump", and many of us have significant memories of 49ers stadium.

Since the Stick will be no more, I thought it would be cool to crowd source people's best memories from the park. If you ever attended a game at Candlestick, or even took part in some random event there, I'd love to hear from you. My plan is to take these memories and develop a post about it for the week of the season opener.

What I would like you to do is this: if you have memories from several games at the park, post each one as an individual comment. In the subject line, I want people to post the game and the date of the event as best as you can recall. My plan is to take each one and basically organize this eventual post into memories by game. I know a lot of people will have memories about Vernon Davis' catch against the Saints, TO's TD catch against the Packers, or The Catch, and so we'll have all those memories compiled together. But we'll also organize any other games, no matter how far back.

As far as the memories are concerned, they do not need to be specific to how the 49ers played. Maybe you remember the first game you ever attended at Candlestick. Or maybe you remember the first game you attended with your dad, your significant other, or some other special moment in your life. The big games in 49ers history are notable, but we generally all have had other things go on in our lives at Candlestick.

In writing about your memory, please try and avoid shortened "chat-speak". Complete sentences and whatever details you can provide would be appreciated. If you have pictures you took at the game you are describing, feel free to drop those in.

I'll post my best memory from the Stick in the comments, and people can go from there. I'll keep this up at the top of the FanPosts, as well as occasionally on the front page over the next month so we can get as many memories as possible.

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