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Eric Wright likely happy to be joining 49ers

New 49ers cornerback Eric Wright is a San Francisco native, and has flashed his 49ers love before on social media.

@JennaLaineBucs, @EWrighteous21

The San Francisco 49ers are welcoming home a native son with their latest offseason move! Former Bucs cornerback Eric Wright was born in San Francisco, growing up in Hunter's Point. You can read more about his childhood at the "Meet Eric" part of his website.

Wright has made it very clear he is a 49ers fan, even before Friday's trade. Bucs and NFL reporter Jenna Laine posted a couple pictures from Eric Wright's Instagram account. Wright posted the pictures several months ago, well in advance of this trade. As we see in the picture above and picture below, Wright is happy to sport his 49ers gear.

Wright hasn't tweeted about the trade as of this article being published, but I'm sure he'll have plenty to say. Wright has a website ( and he posts to a blog every so often to update fans about what is going on in his life on and off the field. I'd imagine he'll have a blog post sooner rather later about this trade.