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Golden Nuggets: Glenn Dorsey, Run Stuffer; Getting Ready for Training Camp

Monday, July 22, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

I'm hoping Dorsey does some of this in Week 1.
I'm hoping Dorsey does some of this in Week 1.
Jamie Squire

I took a bit of time off of reading about the 49ers there in late June and early July. I simply had to do it. I did my Nuggets, fulfilled my duties, but wasn't too concerned with 'stuff.' Did I really want to read more about Kaepernick's choice of underpants or some Seahawks player threatening to put Jim Harbaugh's head on a pike on top of the space needle? No. So much non-news flying around that I actually got turned off. But no more!

I'm diving in, ready to dedicate myself to the year. In my reading and listening around the web, one of the players I'm getting more and more excited about is Glenn Dorsey. He was all but run out of Kansas City for lack of production. Taking a deeper look shows otherwise. If he plays at the same level, he should fill in fine for departed Isaac Sopoaga while providing more versatility along the lines. If he improves under Fangio and Tomsula, also benefiting from a better supporting cast (a very good possibility), he could turn out to be one of the steals of the offseason.

What do the 49ers expect from Glenn Dorsey? If you said serious run stopping, then you may be right. He's not going to get sacks, but we can expect him to clog the run, regardless of where the staff has him lining up. | On the nose: A statistical comparison of Isaac Sopoaga and Glenn Dorsey (BASG)

Matt Barrows has taken on the massive task of giving you a bit of info on each of the 90 49ers that will be attending camp. He has them listed by position and ranked within the group. A must-read cheat sheet if you can't be bothered learning more than a few lines about these guys. | 90 Niners: Every-player review of the 49ers' training camp roster (Barrows)

These next two come from Matt Maiocco and break down our outside and inside linebackers. We know the starters form one of the most fearsome foursome in memory. There are a lot of questions about the reserves. Who emerges as the backups will be an interesting side note to camp. | 49ers position-by-position breakdown: Outside linebackers (Maiocco)

49ers position-by-position breakdown: Inside linebackers (Maiocco)

BASGcast (Episode 50): Colin Kaepernick: Franchise quarterback on the field, but what about off of it? (BASG)

49ers opponent breakdown 2013: Carolina Panthers (Week 10) (Gin)

49ers opponent breakdown 2013: New Orleans Saints (Week 11) (Gin)

Niners' acquisition of Eric Wright underscores importance of cornerbacks (PFT)

49ers throwback name logos will return for Candlestick's farewell season (49erswebzone)

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