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Eric Wright fails physical, trade voided, per Albert Breer

The 49ers trade for Eric Wright has reportedly been voided due to a failed physical. We look at the details, and what it means moving forward.


Well, so much for the Eric Wright trade. NFL Network's Albert is reporting a source indicated to him that Eric Wright has failed his physical, and the trade between the 49ers and Buccaneers has been voided. Wright reverts back to the Bucs and Breer and others are now saying the Bucs plan to simply release the cornerback. This has not been confirmed by the 49ers or Bucs as far as I can tell, but every report is indicating this is a fact.

Shortly after the deal went down, word came out that Wright had been arrested for misdemeanor DUI a week prior to the trade. When that news came out, Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio speculated that the 49ers might not have known about this and a failed physical could indicate that. @NFLosophy, who previously worked for the Bucs said if Wright failed his physical, it would not really be a health thing.

We'll never know with 100% certainty what the story is without Trent Baalke saying something, so we're left to wonder. Jim Harbaugh will meet with the media shortly, and I have to think he'll get a question or two about this. I would not expect any clarity from Coach Harbaugh on this issue. For now though, the 49ers return to their previously scheduled cornerback position battle.

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