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Colin Kaepernick speaks with Peter King about life after Super Bowl, tattoos and more

Peter King sat down with Colin Kaepernick as part of the launch of The MMQB.

Fooch's Update: King posted his article about Kap, which involved him going to Kap's old high school, and driving back with him to the Bay Area.

NFL writer Peter King is starting up a new venture with Sports Illustrated called The MMQB, and this first week of the launch features an interview with Colin Kaepernick at Kap's old high school. It is not any sort of breaking information, but the interview provides Kap with a chance to reflect on some commonly discussed topics.

If you haven't checked out The MMQB, it's worth a look. There is nothing cutting edge in terms of technology, although the layout does seem to borrow some ideas from SB Nation's network of sites. The site appears to be claiming more turf in the world of longer-form written content, as well as video production. It's not quite like Grantland, but more like a football-specific version of Sports On Earth. I won't be checking it religiously, but I'll keep an eye on their content for 49ers-specific stuff, and any other interesting stories.

Speaking of the launch, Peter King did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Reddit, and it is no surprise how a lot of the questions turned out.