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49ers training camp info: Player per diem, blood testing and more random facts

The 49ers veterans report to training camp on Wednesday, with the first practice scheduled for the next day. NFL salaries are paid out for the regular season, while per diems are paid out during training camp. Here is a rundown of random training camp facts.

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

The San Francisco 49ers veterans report to training camp today, and the team will hit the practice field on Thursday. Although the players are officially "back at work", they do not actually earn their base salaries yet. The base salary is based on the regular season, but do not fret! Players do get to earn some money during training camp!

The collective bargaining agreement covers all the pertinent aspects of training camp in Article 23. It is worth noting that the NFLPA also sent out a memo yesterday reminding players of some of the more noteworthy information.

Per Diem

Veterans: $1,700/week
Rookies: $925/week

Practice schedule

Day 1 (Wednesday): Physicals, testing, meetings
Day 2 (Thursday): No pads and no contact
Day 3 (Friday): No pads and no contact
Day 4 through end of camp:

  • 1 padded practice for no more than 3 hours + 1 walk through
  • 3 hours between practices
  • 4 hours total on the field

A walkthrough practice means no helmets, and allows for full-speed work before the snap, but walking pace after the snap.

One of the more interesting aspects of training camp this year will feature planned blood testing at a point still to be determined during camp. In case you missed it, the NFL and NFLPA are working out a deal to institute blood testing for HGH. The first step is collecting blood to create a population sample to determine the base line level that would result in discipline. This first blood collection will not result in any punishment.

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