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49ers training camp on social media: Twitter for all!

Time to break down all your social media resources for 2013 49ers training camp.

Ezra Shaw

The players are reporting to training camp and practice gets underway on Thursday, which means training camp reports will be flying fast and furious. Niners Nation will not be in attendance at camp, but thanks to the power of social media, we can track just about everything going on.

The plan for the coming weeks is that we'll keep an eye on all the practice reports, and compile them in a similar fashion to what we did during minicamp. Here is one example. I might change up the format a bit, but that gives you a basic idea. If you have any ideas or suggestions for how we can improve training camp coverage, feel free to mention it in the comments.


The 49ers have numerous media members following them, and this list is not all-inclusive, so please feel free to add any suggestions I might have overlooked. The first group of reporters are the people expected to be on site just about every day of training camp. They will have frequent updates on Twitter and at their websites.

Kyle Bonagura previously covered the 49ers for CBS Rapid Reports, but is now working with SportsXchange (CBS Sports discontinued the Rapid Reports program). He won't be covering the team every day, but should be out enough, and is always a solid follow for 49ers news.

Chris Biderman writes for Niners Digest, which is part of the network. He told me he will be out at camp every day, so I've added him to the list. We'll see what information he provides.

Tim Kawakami covers all Bay Area sports, and likely will split some time between the 49ers and Raiders, while wrapping up the Giants and A's seasons.

Our old friend Bay Area Sports Guy will spend a decent amount of time at camp as well over the next month, although he'll likely split some time with Giants games. Mike Sando will spend some time at 49ers camp, but he'll be bouncing around between the four divisional training camps.

Mindi Bach - CSN Bay Area
Matt Barrows - Sacramento Bee

Chris Biderman -
Eric Branch - San Francisco Chronicle
Kyle Bonagura - SportsXchange
Grant Cohn - Press Democrat
Christian Gin -
Cam Inman - San Jose Mercury News
Matt Maiocco - CSN Bay Area

Steve Berman - Bay Area Sports Guy
Tim Kawakami - San Jose Mercury News

Dan Brown - San Jose Mercury News
Kevin Lynch - San Francisco Chronicle
Mike Sando - ESPN

Janie McCauley - Associated Press
Ann Killion - San Francisco Chronicle
Jimmy Durkin - San Jose Mercury News
John Middlekauff -
Joe Stiglich - CSN Bay Area/AP


I have a Twitter list of the 68 members of the 90-man roster that are on Twitter. If you're not super familiar with Twitter, in that link, click on "Tweets" on the left side to see the actual tweets from the players. Obviously they will not be tweeting during practice, but they can have some interesting stuff before and after.

Front Office

The 49ers front office is knowledgeable when it comes to social media. Of the accounts below, Taylor Price and Scott Kegley are the two most likely to provide notable details from training camp. Robert Alberino joined the team this offseason and has been tweeting a good deal, but I don't know what to expect from him at training camp.

49ers official Twitter Account
Jed York - CEO
Bob Lange - PR Director
Gideon Yu - President
Robert Alberino - Executive Producer
Scott Kegley - Digital Media Manager
Taylor Price - Digital Media Coordinator
Dan Beckler - PR Manager
Ben Mayberry - Creative Services Manager
Talia Malik - PR Assistant