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Golden Nuggets: Get Ready for Training Camp; Colin Kaepernick kicks off the MMQB

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.


Camp is finally upon us. We can stop worrying about what our quarterback is wearing, what Ahmad Brooks is hitting, who is failing a physical and all the other nonsense that's filled our brains ever since the draft ended back in April. People hitting people for our entertainment. Finally!!! It's been a long time coming, but Football is here. Are you ready? I believe Hank Williams Jr asks, "Are you ready?" I sure as hell am. As you can see, this is running late, so I'll blast right into it.

Colin Kaepernick

Peter King from SI has began his new website. It's called the MMQB. It's affiliated with SI and seems like any of their other blogs, except straight from the mind of Mr King, one of my favorite sportswriters. One of the feature articles to kick off the site is a massive piece on Colin Kaepernick. Our young star's star just keeps on rising. | Colin Kaepernick does not care what you think about his tattoos (MMQB)

Last of the Eric Wright business

A lot of people had a lot of questions for GM Trent Baalke after the Eric Wright trade fell through. Wright failed a physical and there was a lot of speculation that he may have failed it for less-than-physical reasons. Luckily Baalke spoke to the media. | Transcript: Trent Baalke was aware of Eric Wright's history (Gin)

Some have speculated that the 49ers failed him knowing that Tampa Bay would cut him. The 49ers could then swoop him up for no cost. Seems highly dubious, right? | 49ers won't close door on Wright's return (Maiocco)

And the logical conclusion of the entire saga was that Lowell Rose, the CB who was cut to make room for Wright, was re-signed to take the roster spot that he himself had just vacated. | 49ers re-sign rookie Lowell Rose (Maiocco)

Baalke weighs in on Wright, Brooks, cornerbacks, receivers and more (Inman)

Baalke Discusses Failed Wright Trade (

Transcript - Baalke on Eric Wright: "There's always a possibility he becomes a Niner at some point, it's just not now." (Cohn)

Marcus Lattimore

One player who is itching to go more than most is Marcus Lattimore. He's been on the sidelines for a long time. If what we're hearing is true, Lattimore may not play this season. | Lattimore looking forward to the day he gets knocked down (Barrows)

RG3 inspires Marcus Lattimore's 'miracle' (Yahoo)

49ers notes: Team continues to be cautious with RB Lattimore (Barrows)

Transcript - Lattimore says he "most likely" will be ready to play at some point in the regular season (Cohn)

Eric Reid

Eric Reid discusses adjusting to the NFL game. Sure, he came from the SEC, but let's be real...while it is clearly the best preparation a college player can have, most of those guys aren't in the League. We need him to succeed at the next level, or there will be some serious issues in our secondary. There's an interview embedded. | Reid adjusts to speed of the game (Maiocco)

A similar story from the official website with a different interview for your enjoyment. | Reid Eager for Training Camp (

49ers' Reid Happy to be Hitting Again (NBC)

Vance McDonald

An intriguing rookie to watch is Vance McDonald. How the 49ers will use him is probably going to be kept secret until the regular season. I'm expecting Delanie Walker Plus. He frequently played out of the slot in college and the idea of him matching up on a slower linebacker or a 'tiny' cornerback out wide is intriguing. Greg Roman must be salivating at the possibilities. | Rookie TE McDonald eager to block in camp (Inman)

Transcript - Vance McDonald: "I just want to run through them." (Cohn)

More Training Camp

Ah, the chip. | As 49ers open camp, they have a score to settle - again (Barrows)

49ers position-by-position breakdown: Specialists (Maiocco)

Other Stuff

Matt Maiocco's 49ers chat transcript (7.23) (Maiocco)

How quarterbacks fared under pressure (Sando)

Four veterans bordering on indispensable (Sando)

49ers opponent breakdown 2013: Washington Redskins (Week 12) (Gin)

'It's just a big part of the swag' (Sando)

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