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Patrick Willis believes roster passed conditioning test

The 49ers took care of the conditioning test formality, with everybody reportedly passing.

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

The 49ers 90-man roster is officially at training camp, and all indications are that the team passed their necessary conditioning tests. Patrick Willis spoke with the media briefly during player availability and confirmed as much. The 49ers have their share of players still working to get off the PUP and NFI lists, but the players not on those lists appear ready to go. Whether or not you're on Twitter, check out our list of accounts to follow to see what's going down at training camp.

We don't see conditioning tests failed too frequently, but it's nice that nobody actually did. It's sort of an only bad news type of thing. Everybody passes, they were supposed to. Someone fails, what the heck?

In the meantime, at 2:00 p.m. PT today, we'll have the Niners Nation podcast live for everybody! We did a practice run a few weeks ago, but this one will hopefully get us on the road to something fairly regular. Today's episode will feature myself and former NN regular Danny Tuccitto discussing Football Outsiders 49ers preview. We'll go beyond just what FO says, but that will be a significant part of it.

You can listen HERE, and after the episode I can embed the archived version for people to listen to.

Feel free to listen in and either tweet me questions and comments, or drop them in the comments below. We'll be focusing on their win projection, QB and WRs, the defensive additions, and some special teams.