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49ers training camp: Day 1 depth chart news to which we must overreact

We break down notable aspects of the 49ers depth chart following the first day of training camp practice.


The San Francisco 49ers completed their first full day of practice earlier this afternoon, and naturally it gives us a chance to overreact. We'll break down the practice reports more specifically in the morning, but with no pads on today, the practices don't present quite as much outside of the depth chart. But oh, how the depth chart provides plenty! You can review the beat writer reports down below.

As the beat writers stated, Jim Harbaugh cautions against reading too much into depth charts early in training camp. While we might have to take them with a grain of salt, I do think we can at least start to infer some things, whether it be a likely starter, someone the coaching staff is experimenting with, or whatever.

The most notable players on the depth chart featured Ian Williams getting first-team snaps at nose tackle, and Craig Dahl getting first-team snaps at free safety, while Eric Reid took snaps with the second team. Based off the various reports, it sounds like Kyle Williams and A.J. Jenkins split snaps opposite Anquan Boldin with the first-team offense.

None of these are exactly shocking. When Coach Harbaugh spoke earlier in the offseason, it sounded like Glenn Dorsey was leading the way as starting nose tackle. It still may end up that way, but Ian Williams getting first-team snaps is still noteworthy. During our podcast yesterday, I did mention the thought that maybe Williams gets the starting role, and Glenn Dorsey is in more of that Ricky Jean Francois role as the primary utility lineman.

The Craig Dahl news is not all that surprising either. Although Eric Reid was drafted to be a starting safety, and I think he will be starting free safety by the start of the regular season, the team is sort of slowly working him in. He rotated with Dahl during the offseason workout program, and it would not surprise me if he rotated in over the coming days. While I am interested to see who will be the No. 1 free safety in the preseason opener, games two and three are a bit more important for that in my mind.

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