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Vic Fangio talks free safety, inside linebacker depth charts in training camp press conference

49ers DC Vic Fangio met with the media on Thursday, and discussed the depth chart at free safety and inside linebacker.

Jason O. Watson

The San Francisco 49ers are getting ready for their second day of practice on Thursday, and defensive coordinator Vic Fangio had a chance to address the media at lunch time. We'll have a transcript later in the day, but there were some interesting comments of note.

Yesterday, we discussed what the 49ers day one depth chart told us, and today Fangio provided some more details. He stated that Eric Reid, Craig Dahl, C.J. Spillman and Trenton Robinson would be competing for the starting free safety role. It sounded like Michael Thomas was getting some work yesterday, but he has also worked a bit more in the nickel role at times.

Dahl got the initial first team snaps yesterday, and we'll see if there is any rotation of those starters this week. I think Reid will be the starting free safety when the season starts, but it remains to be seen how soon that happens. Fangio talked about Reid needing to earn the time, which is perfectly reasonable. He also said that while Reid is learning reaction to offenses and dealing with NFL speed, the mental side of things will not be an issue. Given that and his athleticism, I just have to think anything less than Reid starting at free safety Week 1 of the regular season would be an upset.

Fangio also addressed the inside linebacker position. He mentioned that Michael Wilhoite, Darius Fleming, Nick Moody and Nate Stupar were competing for backup time there. He said they were competing for two spots, but then sort of added in "possibly". In my 53-man roster projection, I went with Wilhoite and Moody for those two spots. I suppose a third is possible, but that seems a bit high given some of the more experience talent elsewhere.