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Michael Crabtree Achilles injury recovery appears to be on track

We take a look at where Michael Crabtree stands in his rehab from his torn Achilles.

Ronald Martinez

We have what seems like relatively good news in regards to Michael Crabtree's recovery from his Achilles tear. According to beat writers at 49ers training camp, Crabtree was seen yesterday walking with what Matt Barrows described as a "black, plastic plate" on the back of his leg where his Achilles is situated. Today, Crabtree was seen walking around and the picture below appears to show the support. When asked how he was, he simply said, "I'm good."

Although this may not seem like a big deal, being able to walk around without extensive support is a big step in the right direction. I spoke with socalisteph to get a few details, and she said it shows he has more strength at this point. She said it was a good sign because it takes six to eight weeks to really be back walking around like this. Given that we are now two months removed from the injury, that puts him right on track.

There has been discussion of a six month recovery period, which would put us in late November. The 49ers currently have Crabtree on the PUP list. A late November return puts him right near the end of the window when the team is required to activate him. If at the end of that PUP window he is not quite ready to get in game action, the team would need to activate him and use up the roster spot. The 49ers do have the option of using their single Injured Reserve with Return Designation spot, but they will wait until late in camp before making that decision.

For now, things are moving at the proper pace. Here is a picture of Crabtree walking, courtesy of Cam Inman: