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49ers training camp photo gallery: A look at Sunday's practice

We take a look at some pictures from the 49ers Sunday practice as more media seem to be making appearances at training camp.

The 49ers return to training camp means that we start to get more pictures in our story editor. As many of you know, we have been stuck with a lot of the same pictures this offseason, with Eric Reid being the most notable example. We finally have some new pictures which is nice.

It took a few days, but yesterday, US Press Wire had a photographer at 49ers camp. In reviewing Twitter yesterday, it seemed like several national media were in attendance at practice, including SI's Peter King, and CBS Sports Clark Judge.

Although we don't see a ton of things going on, I figured I would put together a little photo gallery of some of the interesting pictures. Among other things, we see Jim Harbaugh doing some work defending a receiver, and also catching passes. According to the 49ers. practice report yesterday, Coach Harbaugh ran some routes on the day. The picture that intro'd this post on the front page was Coach Harbaugh defending Kassim Osgood.

There are two Frank Gore pictures mixed in there. They show Gore running a drill in pads and sweatpants. It's not much, but something about it just looks great. This tweet has me excited:

We'll hopefully have some more pictures in the coming days, but with the team getting today off from practice, enjoy these pictures. Speaking of which, has daily galleries of photos from practice. They do great work compiling their own photos, and I recommend checking it out when you get a minute.