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Golden Nuggets: Ahmad Brooks in trouble; Richard Sherman still talking

Wednesday, July 3, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Ahmad Brooks, in less legally precarious times.
Ahmad Brooks, in less legally precarious times.
Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

James and myself always say that no news is good news this time of the year. We've had no news for some time. Then Ahmad Brooks, one of the unsung heroes of the defense over the last two seasons, has gone and allegedly done something stupid. He's being charged with attacking a teammate with a bottle after a night of drinking. Nose tackle Lamar Divens was on the receiving end of the bottling and the details are even more troubling than the charges would indicate once you get into them. And here we've been ragging on Seattle for their drug issues lately. My dad always said, 'those who live in glass houses shouldn't hit teammates with bottles or do drugs.'

On to the news.

Ahmad Brooks

Ruthless Sports Guy gives us the lowdown on the situation...the 411, if you will. Since coming to the 49ers, Brooks had kept his nose clean until now. The details are here, and when coupled with his past, give cause for alarm. | Report: Ahmad Brooks could face charges for assaulting teammate (BASG)

49ers' Ahmad Brooks in trouble again (Examiner)

DA weighs whether to seek 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks' arrest on assault charges (Mercury News)

Richard Sherman

It's really nice when you run across someone who has absolutely no self-awareness. Richard Sherman is one of those guys. His claims in the articles title leave room for interpretation. Implying that he's going to be classier, well...that's just ridiculous. Richard Sherman, I'd like to introduce you to Richard Sherman. | Richard Sherman on 49ers: ‘We are going to be the bigger team, the bigger players' (BASG)

Seahawks' Sherman: 'I don't deal with' college coach Jim Harbaugh (CSN)

Richard Sherman: 'Lot of teams to beat' in deep NFC (

Colin Kaepernick

The scary thing about Colin Kaepernick is that he's barely started. I know you know that, but I think it's worth repeating. Frank Gore thought it was worth repeating. | Frank Gore thinks Colin Kaepernick can get "a lot better" (PFT)

Ruthless continues his look at Colin Kaepernick against the competition. Weeks 9-13 are up for review. | Colin Kaepernick's competition: Weeks 9-13 (BASG)

Assorted News

And it looks like Michael Crabtree will be back in the gym soon. Matt Barrows gives us the tweet as well as a timeline for these injuries. | Achilles' heal: Crabtree back in the gym this week (Barrows)

49ers not expected to pick in NFL Supplemental Draft (Examiner)

Matt Maiocco's 49ers chat transcript (7.2) (Maiocco)

NFL violence in perspective (SF Gate)

Dave Miller: "There is a job waiting for Greg Roman should he decide to return to the college game." (Cohn)

Being a Sheep

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