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Michael Crabtree cuts off all of his hair. What does it mean?

BREAKING: Video evidence has confirmed that Michael Crabtree has buzzed-off all of his hair. Yeah, it's a slow news-day.


On one of the slowest news days outside of Hernandez-gate-a-thon and as we all prepare for our July 4th celebrations tomorrow, something happened today that could shake the very foundation of the 49ers organization for decades to come:

Michael Crabtree buzzed his head.

That is not a typo, folks. The head of hair that had been steadily growing into a spherical shape, I'd say easily larger than a men's basketball, is now no-more.

Just what does all this mean? Is the receiver being traded to some place with really, really hot weather? Is he perhaps considering a career change to the acting field? Or is this the beginning of his epic comeback trail with the hair growing along side of him as he grinds out rehab on the path to becoming one of the premier wide receivers in the NFL?

Video of the Earth-shattering event, shot by none other than Mr. Chris Culliver, can be found here.

We'll have to wait and see. Tune in for all the updates as we have them.