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Stanford defensive coordinator discusses defending the read option

We take a look at some video of Stanford's director of defense breaking down the read option, and ways to defend it.

Over the offseason, there were numerous reports about NFL coaching staffs visiting colleges to learn more about defending the read option attack. After Colin Kaepernick torched the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs, Mike McCarthy took his coaching staff to Texas A&M to learn more about the read option. Other schools have been involved, including Stanford.

Over at The MMQB, they've got the video above, which features Stanford's "Willie Shaw Director of Defense" (I think that's just the defensive coordinator), Derek Mason, breaking down several components of the read option. He pointed out specifics about pursuit angles, and how easy it is to over-pursue on the play.

This is only a few short minutes, and I imagine there is a ton of minutiae to discuss in defending the read option. He got into some of the details, pointing to how teams will use a wide receiver around the back side, or a tight end down in the shotgun formation to create additional openings. For only three minutes of video, it's rather fascinating.

As the 49ers get ready for the 2013 season, part of their preparations will involve figuring out ways for the offense to meet adjusting defenses. When Week 1 rolls around, the Green Bay Packers should be much better prepared for the read option. The question will be what wrinkles the 49ers have of their own.

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