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Laurent Robinson to work out for 49ers, per reports

The 49ers are reportedly going to work out Laurent Robinson on Thursday, as they try and figure out their wide receiver position.


The San Francisco 49ers search for a wide receiver to complement Anquan Boldin continues as the team will bring in another wide receiver for a workout. Per multiple reports, Laurent Robinson will work out for the 49ers on Thursday. Robinson has worked out for the Patriots, Jets, Dolphins and Lions thus far. The 49ers previously worked out wide receiver Austin Collie, but nothing has been confirmed one way or another with regard to him.

Robinson previously parlayed a strong 2011 with the Cowboys (54 receptions, 858 yards, 11 touchdowns) into a five year $32.5 million contract with the Jaguars. Unfortunately for Robinson, multiple concussions cut short his time in Jacksonville, and now he's back looking for a job. He's in a somewhat similar situation to Collie in terms of the head injuries. I remain uncomfortable with that, but if the 49ers think they can play them and legitimately are not concerned about the health risks, so be it. The 49ers have access to some of the best medical experts in the world, so they'll be able to give Robinson a thorough look.

The 49ers wide receiver position remains a significant question mark after a week of training camp. Anquan Boldin is establishing a solid rapport with Colin Kaepernick, but after that, answers are few and far between. Marlon Moore and Chad Hall have stood out, while Kyle Williams, A.J. Jenkins and Kassim Osgood all deal with what are being described as minor injuries.

It is certainly possible Moore or Hall could figure something out, the light will go on and they will turn into some kind of good receiver. At the same time, given their histories, I just can't get overly enthused in them at this point. Maybe Kap is the kind of QB that can turn random receivers into good or great receivers. We'll get to find out sooner rather than later. It's easy (and I'm doing it right now!) to overlook non-name brand receivers. However, with the right QB, no-name receivers can become stars. We've seen it over and over again. Any optimism I might have revolves primarily around Kap more than the receivers themselves. Nothing against Hall or Moore, but that's just the nature of things at this point.s