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A random note about Greg Roman and the college football head coaching ranks

49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman is not up for any new jobs right now, but some think he'd be welcomed with open arms in the college ranks.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, Dave Miller of National Football Post put together a look at some college coordinators who were on the fast track to head coaching jobs (h/t to Grant Cohn on the link). The article focused on college coordinators, but there was an interesting note after the list of "others on the radar":

Note: There is a job waiting for San Francisco 49ers assistant Greg Roman should he decide to return to the college game. The New Jersey native is very well-respected nationally, not just on the West Coast.

This is not a shocking bit of information, as Greg Roman is considered one of the hotter coaching prospects. Although Roman recently signed a two-year extension, he is likely going to remain a hot name as jobs open up later this fall and early into next year.

Since January, Roman has been mentioned in connection with the Browns and Eagles, and later the Jaguars. Last year, he was reportedly a finalist for the Penn State job, and he was dropped in the mix of the Tennessee Volunteers coaching search.

At some point, Greg Roman is moving on to greener pastures. The 49ers will get at least one more season with their offensive coordinator (or at least part of one season if a college job comes calling in the fall), but nothing is guaranteed beyond that. We'll have to wait and see just what the coming season brings. Every significant job that opens up will be one for us to track. I won't be posting on every single job opening, but I will definitely be keeping them on my radar.