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Golden Nuggets: Old News That Won't Die

Sunday, July 7, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Holy crud, Kaep is wearing a Giants shirt. First the Miami Dolphins, now the New York Giants!
Holy crud, Kaep is wearing a Giants shirt. First the Miami Dolphins, now the New York Giants!

Not much new in the news. Folks are regurgitating the stories from earlier in the week. A bit more of cap-gate and a bit more about Ahmad Brooks. I think that cap-gate is absolutely ridiculous. Maybe it was a bit odd that Colin Kaepernick wore a Dolphins hat. What was funnier was the comment from Phinsider which, if you haven't seen yet you can see in the USA Today article below. I had shirts and hats from different teams. I also didn't play for any of them. As for Ahmad Brooks, I feel like I've spoken enough on the topic until we have more news or a decision from the DA. If the allegations are true, we can expect a suspension and we can expect to be disappointed in him.

I'll start with this article from Chris Burke on It explores the new secret weapon of the Kansas City Chiefs, the pistol formation. Kaepernick's college coach Chris Ault was hired by the Chiefs as a consultant and we can expect him to school Andy Reid in the pistol's ways. Can Alex Smith do it? | Pistol formation could be Chiefs' not-so-secret weapon on offense (SI)

Two or Three Things about the 49ers' Off-Season (49erswebzone)

49ers must lean on Vernon Davis in 2013 (49erswebzone)

Authorities: Ahmad Brooks arrest warrant filed in error (

It's just a hat, Kaepernick's Nevada teammates play for Dolphins (Examiner)

Colin Kaepernick will not apologize for wearing a Dolphins hat (USA Today)

Being a Sheep

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