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Golden Nuggets: Getting to know Marcus Cooper

Monday, July 8, edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Marcus Cooper, gliding in.
Marcus Cooper, gliding in.
Jason O. Watson

I'm actually shocked that there's no news. BASG usually gets some story up on a Sunday, often the only one, getting the big page hits. But Steve (aka BASG) is on vacation. Nothing!!! All we've got is a story from CSN on the 49ers having players in the top-100. That was two weeks ago news. I'd even settle for more Cap-gate at this point. Oh, for some Cap-gate

So I'll give you that link. I've decided to introduce you (and myself) to Marcus Cooper, digging up a bit of old stuff on the CB from Rutgers. A lot of people around the site are high on him and there could be a roster spot at CB. We know he played for Schiano, which means he'll despise the victory formation. Here's some of what I could find.

Marcus Cooper

49ers Select CB Marcus Cooper (

Ex-Rutgers CB Marcus Cooper impresses at pro day (

Cooper sees increased role at corner (Daily Targum) <=== Rutgers Student Paper

Marcus Cooper, CB Rutgers, Draft Profile (CBS Sports)

Marcus Cooper Highlights (

Please note that these highlights include a full minute or so of his pro day workout at the start.

The Rest

Nine 49ers on 'Top 100 Players of 2013' list (CSN)

Pead looking to prove himself integral to Rams' offense (

I included this link on the Rams because it's the only other thing I could find. I wanted to say that the Rams RB by committee is looking a bit like the Cardinals version last season. I know poor QB and OL play affected their run game, but would any one of the Rams RBs inspire confidence if you were a fan? That combined with a whole new set of pass targets for Sam Bradford and there could be trouble. It could work out fine. One of those RBs could be the next Arian Foster and their passing game could flourish, but those same ingredients could also be a recipe for disappointment.

Being a Sheep

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