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49ers vs. Seahawks: CenturyLink Field to attempt Guinness World Record for crowd noise

Seahawks fans are hoping to set a record for loudest crowd noise when Seattle hosts the 49ers. Will the 49ers be able to overcome such a diabolical plot?

Otto Greule Jr

The San Francisco 49ers head up to CenturyLink Field Week 2 to face the Seattle Seahawks. It is always a raucous atmosphere in Seattle, with the CLink frequently rated as one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL. And now, Seahawks fans want to solidify that claim.

A group called Volume 12 submitted an application to the Guinness Book of World Records to try and set the record for the loudest crowd roar. They are not affiliated with the Seahawks, but Guinness accepted their application. Guinness will send someone out to measure the crowd at their Week 2 Sunday Night Football contest against our San Francisco 49ers. I'd say the fans picked the best game to try and set this record.

The record was set at Turk Telecom Arena in Istanbul, Turkey during a soccer match between Galatasaray SC and Fenerbahce SC. The decibel level reached 131.76. The Seahawks have recorded a decibel level of 112.

World record or not, the 49ers will be dealing with some serious noise when they head up to Seattle. Although the 49ers were taken behind the woodshed up there last December, the noise was only a small part of the problem. The offense had two delay of game penalties, but the team was not called for any false starts. The noise likely impacted the team anyway, but they had bigger problems to deal with that night.

The biggest "weakness" for Colin Kaepernick is inexperience. He has all the physical tools, but game experience provides the kind of situations that allow him to learn how to handle things. Playing in the Super Bowl is certainly a big help, but it comes down to volume of games. The more games he plays, the more unique situations he will experience. The more situations he experiences, the more he can conceivably learn about being an NFL quarterback.

As long as the 49ers continue to play well, crowd noise will be a factor in most stadiums when the 49ers travel. Teams will try and bring their A-game, and fans will do so as well. Kap still has plenty to learn about playing in noisy atmospheres; but each subsequent game at CenturyLink, and any other high-noise stadium, should help to boost Kap's performance moving forward.