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ESPN the Magazine Body Issue features Colin Kaepernick, Vernon Davis

ESPN the Magazine released their annual "Body Issue", and it features 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick and TE Vernon Davis. We take a look at some related video from ESPN.

A few weeks back, ESPN announced the athletes that would be taking part in their annual ESPN the Magazine "Body Issue". The 49ers are represented in the issue, with Colin Kaepernick and Vernon Davis baring all in ESPN's celebration of the human body. The athletes are naked, but ESPN has them using a variety of props and poses to prevent complete exposure. You can view the pictures here. They're probably a little unsafe for work, although probably not the end of the world.

ESPN released some videos interviewing the various athletes involved. The video above features Colin Kaepernick, while the video below features Vernon Davis. Both are fascinating insights into why the athletes did this. Vernon elected to do this in part to help inspire others. As he said, he would love to inspire people to eat better, work out a little more. We can't all have the physique of Vernon Davis or Colin Kaepernick, but we can at least put a little effort into staying in shape.

The Kap video provides a bit more of a detailed look at Kaepernick and his personality. The last two minutes are pretty intense as he discusses the Super Bowl and the key plays. It is also one reason I am not concerned about things going to his head or growing lazy or losing drive. The focus on his face is clear as he considers the lost chances at the Super Bowl.

The Kap video is also particularly timely in light of the jersey stuff that has been going on. It was shot well before it, but his independence and belief in setting his own standard will likely make some think of all the jersey hubbub. Particularly the comments he makes about his wardrobe, matching things and his OCD nature when it comes to that. I didn't plan on referencing it when I first started watching the video, but it was one of the first things I thought of. The hat thing is hopefully in the past (minus the usual rabble-rousing BS from Pro Football Talk), but it seemed worth a mention given the context of the video.

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