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What is your last request of the 49ers or really any of your favorite teams?

Someone requested the Cleveland Browns send along players to act as pallbearers, allowing the team to "let him down one last time." What would be your final request of your favorite sports team?


Earlier this week, the Cleveland Browns ended up in the news under amusing circumstances. A long-time fan of the team passed away and one of his last requests was that the Browns send six players to act as pallbearers so the team could "let him down one last time." The Browns responded by saying they will send a representative to present the man's family with a No. 76 jersey, in honor of his favorite player, Lou Groza.

Naturally this got some folks at SB Nation thinking about their last requests of either their favorite team or the league. My favorite was probably, "Please have my body cremated and instruct Denard Robinson to scatter my ashes across the five oceans, with the hope that he will at least go 2/5 with an interception by Chile."

So, when the time comes to exit this mortal coil, what would be your final request of the 49ers, or really any of your favorite teams?

If I had to decide, it might be to put together some video of Steve Young tackling Lawrence Phillips, and playing it on a loop. I think that would sufficiently entertain me in the afterlife. Something a little more realistic would be to bury my ashes in the ground below where Dwight Clark jumped to make The Catch. Of course, assuming I last a few more years, that could be a parking lot or a housing complex once Candlestick Park is torn down.