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Raising money for bricks and the Anquan Boldin foundation

A few details on our planned purchase of a brick at the 49ers new Santa Clara stadium.

49ers bricks

Yesterday, I posted about the brick program at Levi's stadium, which provides fans with a chance to purchase bricks along the "FanWalk" at the 49ers new stadium in Santa Clara. In the article I asked if people would be interested in pitching in on a brick, with half their contribution going to the brick, and half going to charity.

After seeing some of the comments, I thought it made sense to donate the charity half of the proceeds to the Anquan Boldin Foundation. The new 49ers' charity is dedicated to "expanding educational and life opportunities for underprivileged children." Here is a description of some of what they do:

As evidenced by charitable activities in Florida, Arizona and Baltimore, the foundation has an eight-year history of offering after-school programs, full-time college scholarships (with the support of the University of Phoenix), and dental care and food programs for disadvantaged youth.

I don't know if he'll be adding the Bay Area to the work his foundation does, but even still, he's helping disadvantaged kids around the country.

Some of you mentioned that you would contribute money toward a brick/charity. My plan was to have you submit to me via PayPal. I would submit payment for the brick and make the donation to Boldin's charity. Would people be comfortable with that? I've attached a poll just to see if people would be down for that. Obviously this poll does not lock you in to any donation.

Additionally, your donation amount could be whatever amount you want. If we get enough support, we could even buy more than one brick. If that were the case, I would consider another charity for the next amount of money.

The bricks range in price form $195 to $545, so we would be looking to raise between $390 and $1,090 for the first brick. I would kick in the first $50. Right now, I would plan on getting the cheapest option (see descriptions here), with the inscription set as:

Kory Sheets
Was Our Future

For those who missed it the first time, here is an explanation of the KSWOF phenomenon.

If there were money for subsequent bricks I would open the floor for suggestions in a Caption This contest.

If people are down for this, I'll get things rolling tomorrow so we can get ourselves a brick!