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Golden Nuggets: Laurent Robinson to Visit, Patrick Willis Hurts Wrist/Hand

Thursday, August 1, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

This is not how Willis injured his hand/wrist
This is not how Willis injured his hand/wrist
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

There is a ton of links today and I'm running late, so I'm diving in head first.

Day 6 Recaps

More people are missing time injured. Aside from all the receiver troubles, Patrick Willis left early with an injured wrist or hand. Aldon Smith also sat out practice with for an unidentified reason. Nnamdi Asomugha is singled out for having a great practice. It's looking more and more like he's back. I have no problem saying that I was wrong for doubting. He's no shoe-in now, but with all the question marks surrounding the cornerbacks, I'm so glad he's looking like a keeper. | 49ers 2013 Training Camp Practice Notes Day 6: Several players leave early (Gin)

Navorro Bowman and Chris Culliver also left practice early. Nothing too serious. Garrett Celek is noted for making a few spectacular catches. Vance McDonald, aside from one decent day, has received fairly average reviews. Might there be a competition brewing? McDonald's got Celek beat in talent, but he's dropped a number of passes and our playbook is thick and complicated. | Practice report: Willis watches with hand/wrist wrapped; Bowman, Culliver also exit (Inman)

It seems as though there was a consensus among the beat writers (not always the case). Nnamdi was the standout on defense and a lot of people didn't practice or left early. Marlon Moore is mentioned, yet again, and B.J. Daniels threw two touchdowns in red zone drills. | Training camp D6: Practice ends without Willis, Bowman; strong day for Asomugha (Barrows)

Deep in these notes, it says that Jewel Hampton picked the blitz up well. I just wanted to mention it because a report earlier in the week said otherwise. I had questioned whether that could keep Hampton off the field. Sorry, man. Eric Reid looked good against the deep ball. | 49ers camp report: Willis sustains right hand injury (Maiocco)

I know you guys love Cohn. One thing I want to point out is that he's singling out LaMichael James' pass-catching. Yes! We've all dreamed about adding LMJ to passing game, but didn't really get a taste of it last season. He caught two touchdowns yesterday. Cohn also notes that Celek has been the best blocking tight end not named Vernon. Is the competetion for TE2 heating up? | Training camp report: Patrick Willis leaves early with an apparent right wrist injury (Cohn)

Asomugha Strong in Day 6 of Camp (

Asomugha Disrupts Offensive Momentum (

More Camp

A bit more about the Willis injury. In not one article have I seen written that this could be bad. So let us not worry. Whereas, with the Darius Fleming injury, everyone knew straight away to expect the worst. | Willis sustains apparent wrist injury early in practice (Inman)

Chad Hall's advantage? "He gets open," Kaepernick said (Barrows)

San Francisco 49ers beef up their numbers on defensive line (Mercury News)

Source: Willis scheduled for X-ray (Maiocco)

49ers notes: Backup linebackers fill in nicely (Barrows)

Video - Postcards from Training Camp: San Francisco 49ers (SI)

Laurent Robinson and the Wide Receievers

Laurent Robinson is coming in for a visit. He suffered 4 concussions last year. That's a lot. That's scary. I'm not sure if he should be playing football. Nobody doubts his talent, though. Austin Collie and other unnamed receiver are mentioned as possibilities. Is this just to give Kaepernick someone to throw to while everyone heals up? Or is this a sign that the staff has been less than impressed with the WRs in camp? | Source: 49ers to work out Robinson, others (Maiocco)

The state of our receivers is receiving quite the attention. Who's worried? Sure, they'll all be fine by the start of the season, but the injured ones are the young ones we had tabbed to compete for WR2. They're missing out on valuable chemistry-building time with Colin Kaepernick. Get healthy! | Niners Feeling the Pain of Injured Receivers (NBC)

More anti-A.J. Jenkins stuff, if you're in to that kind of thing. He's compared to Rashaun Woods in the piece. That's low. | A.J. Jenkins - Could it be another slow year? (SF Gate)

Report: 49ers will try out Laurent Robinson (Gin)

Quinton Patton follows orders, lets passes drop; Chad Hall hauls in everything (Maiocco)

49ers' receiver Hall taking advantage of chance to shine (Barrows)

Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick very comfortable in San Francisco 49ers' offense (Mercury News)

Kaepernick Focused on Improvement (

Kaepernick not focused on 49ers' safety competition (Inman)

Kaepernick's swagger showing (Press Democrat - Not Cohn)

TRANSCRIPT - Kaepernick on Vernon Davis: "He's worked hard to have a full understanding of the offense so we can do anything with him." (Cohn)

Tarell Brown

Overall, I like what I've seen from Peter King and the staff at the MMQB. How do other people find it? Here's a Q&A that begins with Tarell Brown, includes Nnamdi and discusses what happens to guys who are injured for the year. This is from a legal / financial perspective. And I just want it noted that I hope to one day get close enough to $2 million to be able to screw it up. I can dream. | The $2M Mistake (MMQB)

Report: Tarell Brown hires new agent (Gin)

New and Improved Pro Bowl

Does anybody care about the Pro Bowl? Has anybody cared in a long time? I know I haven't. Will the new format inspire a new interest for those of you who don't care? I'm interested to know. | NFL Pro Bowl turns into fantasy showcase (Maiocco)

Ex-49ers Rice, Sanders to help usher in new draft format for Pro Bowl (Inman)


Man, the LA Times sure is doing a lot of 49ers coverage. Is that normal? I don't recall it being a near every day thing. Anyone? Sam Farmer is going bonkers. Was it a result of the Super Bowl trip, or just until USC kicks off in fall? | Speedy Marcus Lattimore respects 49ers' slow approach to recovery (LA Times)

Having the best offensive line in the league allows you to do so much. It's a luxury and we have, in some part, Coach Singletary to thank. Weird. | 49ers' veteran offensive line ready to get back to work (Press Democrat - not Cohn)

Even Greg Roman is impressed with VD. And you don't need press conferences any more. Roman just said this stuff on Twitter. Very modern. | Greg Roman: Vernon Davis has "taken it up to a new level" (PFT)

Hmm...I don't know about this one. | Re-ranking West's WR corps after injuries (Sando)

Yea Kings!!! | Turner Construction, Builder of 49ers Stadium, to Build Downtown Sacramento Arena (NBC)

Ian Williams is viewed as an 'upgrade' for the 49ers (Gin)

PODCAST - Football Today: Recapping Harvin, Davis (Sando)

Ray McDonald: 49ers plan to platoon more on defense (Barrows)

No time for spell check. Make fun of me in the comments! Gotta go!

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