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Phil Dawson discusses, compares kicking to golf, and otherwise impresses in press conference

We break down Phil Dawson's press conference following practice. The man entertained us!

@49ers live stream

A few months back, the 49ers introduced their new kicker Phil Dawson, who took some questions from the media. In that session and a subsequent radio interview, it became clear that Phil Dawson brought a pretty good sense of humor to the table. When it comes to special teams players, they can be great to follow for one of two reasons: either they are incredibly awesome at their job, or they are a little quirky. Some bring both to the table.

In the case of Phil Dawson, we'll hope for the former when the season gets started, but for now, I can say with some certainty that he brings the funny. Here are a few tweets I sent out during his press conference:

Maybe it was just listening to it, or maybe I've just got some kind of weird special teams fetish, but I thought it was funny. One highlight not listed above was hearing his excitement about what free agency was like. Dawson was undrafted in 1998, and he mentioned how he always wondered if the coaches and front office liked him previously, or just figured he was good enough. This year, he was pursued by the 49ers, and he got a kick out of that.

The highlight from the above tweets had to be the random discussion of weather services on the Internet. Back in March, Dawson had said he would spend some time at Candlestick to get a little more prepared for the crazy weather there. Today he said he has made a few trips to the stadium. He does not think it can fully prepare him, but it does help him start to figure things out.

He mentioned several times during the press conference about his use of, AccuWeather and WeatherBug. He would not reveal which of the three was most accurate in Cleveland, but he did say he would use all three again here in San Francisco.