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Golden Nuggets: It's all about the snap counts

Saturday, August 10, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone. I'm back, reporting from California after spending over a year in Dayton, OH -- a place I do not recommend you ever go. That said, I'm still really exhausted from the trip and will have to resort to very quick links on the day. If you come across something I missed, which is very likely, go ahead and post it in the comments for your fellow reader.

On top of that, I didn't watch a second of the first preseason game. I don't know who played, I don't know who got hurt or who didn't get hurt and I didn't even know that the San Francisco 49ers lost until a few hours ago. I mean, it doesn't really matter that they lost given that it is preseason, but ya know. I'll find out more as I post these links.

Looking at the man in the middle: NT Williams impressive vs. Broncos (Branch)

Film review: Okoye's debut, no snaps for Daniels at QB (Maiocco)

Preseason, Week 1: How'd the 49ers' offensive starters do? (BA Sports Guy)

Film review: Wilhoite, Cox shine; a closer look at Jenkins' night (Barrows)

Snap Counts: A tale of two first-round picks (Branch)

49ers play time: Reid sees extensive action (Maiocco)

Snap judgments: A.J. Jenkins leads 49ers WRs in opportunities (Barrows)

Less is Moore: Limited snap count represents progress for 49ers WR (Branch)

BASGcast (Episode 52): Panic! The 49ers are 0-1 in the Preseason (BA Sports Guy)

49ers Look to 'Keep Working'(49ers)

Linebackers Key to Defensive Success (49ers)

Reid is a Hit in 49ers Debut (NBC Bay Area)

Promising 49ers opening drive ends with the same old story (Scrooge)