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49ers training camp practice, media schedule: Fan Fest practice features Jim Harbaugh

The 49ers are back for their first practice since Thursday's preseason opener. The Fan Fest practice will feature Jim Harbaugh addressing the media. We've got a live stream for the press conference, as well as a Twitter list to follow during practice.

The San Francisco 49ers return to practice today, their first practice since Thursday's preseason opener against the Denver Broncos. It's a bigger practice than normal because it will be open to the public at today's Fan Fest at Candlestick Park. Tickets are unfortunately no longer available for the event, but there will likely be plenty of tweeting happening.

Jim Harbaugh will be addressing the media after the 2:00 p.m. practice. I've embedded a video player above. There is no word yet on whether any players will also address the media.

Given that this is open to the public, we should see plenty of interesting tweets from practice. I've embedded the media twitter list below, but I also recommending opening up some Twitter searches. Among other things, you can search for "49ersFanFest", "Fan Fest", FanFest, "49ers FanFest" and "49ers Fan Fest". I'll keep an eye on tweets as well and try and accumulate some of the more interesting tweets from the day. Enjoy!