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Golden Nuggets: Kendall Hunter activated; Fan Fest produces 'raggedy' practice

Sunday, August 11, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

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Ezra Shaw

Yesterday was the annual Fan Fest at Candlestick Park. Coach Harbaugh categorized the practice as 'raggedy'. While it may not jive with Harbaugh's ideals, it is great for the fans to get to watch the team in action. Kendall Hunter was activated from the PUP list. Coach Harbaugh has said he won't be handed his job as No. 2 RB back automatically. You'll notice these Nuggets are way late so I'm keeping it as short as humanly possible.

Fan Fest

Jonathan Goodwin returned to practice and LaMichael James caught a long touchdown pass on a wheel route. I'm really keen to see LMJ involved in the passing game this year. I know we all are. | 49ers 2013 Training Camp Practice Notes Day 12: Fan Fest (Gin)

Nick Moody, rookie MLB, practiced with a brace on his knee. I'm pleased that he's not expected to miss time. | Fan Fest results in ‘raggedy' practice, minus a few key players (Inman)

Not only was Goodwin back in the mix, Justin Smith was back. The other player I'm dying to see in action is Quinton Patton. He was tabbed by many to be in the mix for a starting role. He's yet to catch a pass due to a hurt finger. | Training camp D12: Harbaugh not happy with "raggedy" effort; Goodwin, Justin Smith return (Barrows)

49ers Have "Raggedy" Day 12 as Hunter Returns (Biderman)

49ers fan fest practice becomes 'raggedy' with a few absences (Gin)

Kendall Hunter

After the poor showing by the backs fighting for the last roster spots in the game against Denver, it's extremely comforting to get Kendall Hunter back. Returnees LaMichael James and Anthony Dixon showed why they have every reason to be on the roster, the rest, well... | Report: 49ers activate Kendall Hunter from PUP list (Gin)

Achilles' healed: 49ers activate Kendall Hunter (Barrows)

Kendall Hunter thrilled to return from torn Achilles injury (Gin)

Harbaugh: Hunter won't be handed back his old job (Barrows)

49ers Host Final Candlestick Practice (

Camp report: Candlestick crowd witnesses 'raggedy' practice (Maiocco)

49ers vs Broncos

Ruthless takes a look at the defensive starters in Thursday's game agains the Broncos. He notes that Michael Wilhoite looks to be a solid backup for our studs in the middle. He has Perrish Cox also standing out as well. | Preseason, Week 1: A closer look at the 49ers' defensive starters (BASG)

ReFo: Broncos @ 49ers, Preseason Week 1 (PFF)

Aldon Smith's opener: A near-sack and a Von Miller jersey (Maiocco)

Too early to worry, but 49ers show they have issues to solve (Cohn)

Other News

Andy Reid tried trading for Alex Smith as Eagles coach (

Brooks Moving On From Off-Field Issues (

Good diagnosis: McCoy expected to play vs. Chiefs after shoulder injury (Branch)

Being a Sheep

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